Personal branding_Week 4

Next on personal branding, prepare answers on the following questions.

Your skills and strengths: What are they? My skills: ability to learn, corporative, creative, Caring, taking responsibility, learning, Dependable, Commitment & Patient.

My Strength: I Love family and commitment I care about society issues, I’m dependable person, I don’t like bored routine, I have the ability to learn I enjoy working independently and with team..

  • Values? Learn, responsibility, religion, love, dependable, commitment, caring, patient, creative, comfort
  • Passions: Change routine, travel a lot, develop my sills.
  • Goals: More stable at work and life, open own business..
  • Purpose: Better life, stability, travel a lot , take care of myself and family
  • Potential organisations: I would like to join the volunteer work in the community, traveling to many countries.
  • Potential roles/jobs? Get a steady job in the government, not less than 25,000$

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