Values – week 2

One of the problems I faced, when I decided to start working and studying in same time. I live outside Abu Dhabi, and studying at City college- HCT. The problem was no courses were provided in morning time except elective courses.
The employer refused to let me leave early to attend my classes or to sign full time study request for me. I wanted to continue my study and keep my job in the same time, I argued for 2 years with them to get my right to study full time and keep my Job till I graduate, I found in the end that I’m just losing time and adding more stress and pressure on myself arguing and thinking about this problem all time, so I had to find solution to move on.
I took the responsibility of myself and changed the plan, I register to other HCT college in Khalifa city so I can find other available courses in addition to the courses in Abu Dhabi to organize my schedule to fit my job  time as much as possible, it was really difficult schedule for me I was driving more than 2 hours every day and leaving home early morning and comeback after 7 pm.
These days I’m in the last semester and nearly I will graduate from college. Today I believe that I will find better job with the experience I have and better salary with new degree ^^


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